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It is recommended that the final size of the abstract does not exceed one A5 page.

Unfortunately, adding figures is not yet directly possible. If you want to add a figure please contact and send your figure with description. We will add it for you.

What is an Abstract

The abstract is is a brief, clear summary of the information in your presentation. It should:

  1. explain, why your work is important;
  2. describe the objective(s) of your work;
  3. briefly explain the methods of your research;
  4. briefly state results, conclusions and recommendations.
Print out our prepared booklet "How to write a successful abstract"
If this is your first time preparing a conference abstract, try reading some general tips on abstract preparation:

Technical Details

When you input your abstract text into the registration form it is converted into the LaTeX (*.tex) file format.

LaTeX has a specific syntax. Although most details have been automated for the registration form, not all possible combinations have been tested.

Noteworthy LaTeX syntax rules:
  • Paragraphs must be seperated by at least one empty line
  • Percent symbol (%) must be written as \%

If you are having trouble inputting your abstract correctly you can contact the conference organizers.

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